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Zirconium basic carbonate




CAS No.:                      57219-64-4 
Chemical Formula:    ZrO(OH)CO3
Appearance:               white powder

PH:                                4~6 (Adjustable) 
Bulk Density:               0.7~0.9g/cm3


Specification :
ZrO2 (+HfO2):  39-42% min.
Fe2O3:  0.005% max.
TiO2: 0.005% max.
SiO2: 0.005% max.
Na2O: 0.005% max.
Al2O3 0.005% max.
Cl: 0.01% max..
SO4: 0.02% max.

*. Impurities is to be adjustable.

Package: In 25kg /500kg/1000kg net PP bags with PE inner


Zirconium basic carbonate in a high purity grade for use in catalysis and also a reactive grade for use in the production of paint driers.

Zirconium basic carbonate is perhaps the most important zirconium chemical as it is often the pre-cursor material for many zirconium products. high performing zirconium basic carbonate which be produced by the precipitation of zirconium basic sulphate are suitable for the production of a range of zirconium based chemicals used in catalysis, paper coating and paint driers to name a few

Storage: To be protected from moist and prevent getting in touch with general metals.


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