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Dimelamine Pyrophosphate (DMPY

Dimelamine Pyrophosphate (DMPY

Molecular Formula: C6H16N12O7P2

CAS Register No.: 15541-60-3

Dimelamine pyrophosphate DMPY,white crystal powder, is an environment-friendly halogen-free nitrogen-phosphorus flame retardant, featuring with good flame retardancy and water resisting property. As an APP- ideal substitute, it is mainly used for polyolefin, coatings, woods, fibers and the like.

The Technology and Physicochemical Indexes




White powder

N content %


P content %


pH value (10g/L)


Water content %


Cl content   ppm


Thermogravimetric analysis   

(N2 protection, heating rate 20/min)





Electrical conductivity (25% aqueous solution, at room temperature) (μ s/cm)


Average particle size    μm


Recommendad Use

Base material

DMPY additive amount/ %

Test standard

Flame retardant rating

Fire retardant coating





The Packaging and Storage of Products

25KG per bag (composite paper bag)  (12t per 20 feet box)

Placed in dry ventilated place