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What are the differences between sodium perborate and sodium percarbonate?

Both sodium perborate and sodium percarbonate are oxygen release bleaching chemicals that are widely applied in various bleach compositions. It is known that sodium perborate as the bleaching agent has a high bleaching effect at high temperatures but the effect is lowered at low temperatures. On the other hand, sodium percarbonate has an effective bleaching action even at low temperatures and is very valuable from the viewpoint of saving of energy. Sodium percarbonate is an attractive perhydrate for use in detergent compositions because it dissolves readily in water, is weight efficient and, after giving up its available oxygen, provides a useful source of carbonate ions for detergency purposes.

Sodium perborate has a better stability and has been a mature bleaching ingredients for long time. But it is increasingly replaced by sodium percarbonate duo to its disadvantages in energy saving and environment protection. Sodium percarbonate exhibits an excellent bleaching effect even at a low temperature and is environmentally friendly, but it is less stable in detergent formulations. However, many processes have been found to improve its stability.

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