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Application of calcium peroxide in Aquaculture

When dissolved in water, calcium peroxide breaks down into calcium hydroxide, oxygen and water. This characteristic gives calcium peroxide a function as the conditioner of water quality which provides a comfortable environment for aquatic life breeding like fishes, shrimps and crabs. The benefits for application of calcium peroxide in aquaculture embody in following aspects.

-providing sufficient dissolved oxygen; This is typically useful for increase the unit production by enhance the breeding density at a limited area, and solve the problem of oxygen-lacking in some seasons especially winter. Unlike other oxygen release chemicals that release oxygen rapidly, calcium peroxide provides a stable and continued source of oxygen thus it is considered an economical oxygen source for extensive aquacultural applications.

-adjusting pH value; Calcium peroxide is approved to be efficient in improving the subaqueous pH value and prevent water from acidification.

-reducing the subaqueous content of ammonium and nitrogen; Ammonium and nitrogen are major factor that prevents fishes from developing, by disseminating calcium peroxide into water, the ammonium and subaqueous content can be remarkably reduced.

-eliminating carbon dioxide and sulfureted hydrogen; in a pond covered with a ice cap, carbon dioxide usually exists in a big quantity and hinders the oxygen absorption of fishes, calcium peroxide also show a great effect on elimination carbon dioxide. Calcium peroxide can remove sulfureted hydrogen during its oxygen release process, this improve the water quality at the lower part.

-preventing anaerobe from proliferation and killing nosogenetic bacteria, defecating aqueous body; Calcium peroxide is an oxidizer than acts as a disinfectant which may efficiently kill ananerobe and nosogenetic bacteria. Calcium peroxide may facilitate depositing floccules and clearing turbid water thus improves the photosynthesis of natant foliage to increase dissolved oxygen.

Dosage of calcium peroxide for oxygen-lacking pond


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